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Retrofit UF Filter Replacement

You Now Have a Choice

Ultrafiltration Membrane Replacement | UF Filter Replacements

You have a choice when it comes to costly UF filter replacements. Scinor’s UF membrane replacements use our state-of-the-art TIPS membranes, offering the most versatile, reliable and economical replacement filters on the market.

Scinor Retrofit Modules | Direct Retrofit Replacement 

Direct retrofit UF filter replacements are the answer for hollow fiber membranes that have lost integrity, permeability, or reached the end of their service life – – and even if they haven’t lived up to expectations. You now have a choice.

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Scinor offers a full line of pressure, submerged and MBR Ultrafiltration replacement modules. Our state-of-the- art TIPS membrane modules are compatible with all major membrane manufacturers’ systems. Scinor’s superior customer service and support make our retrofit modules an easy choice when it comes time for UF filter replacement.

Ultrafiltration Membrane Replacement Has Never Been Easier

  • No special hardware
  • No programming adjustments
  • No process changes
  • No cleaning protocol changes

This versatility, coupled with superior TIPS technology, gives our customers a higher performing, better value replacement product. Customers also benefit from lower capital and operating expenses.

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