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Ultrafiltration Services & Water Treatment Service

What are the best ultrafiltration membranes in the world without the support and membrane system service to back them up?  Our state-of-the-art TIPS UF membranes are supported by Scinor’s in-house professionals ready to help when you need them. As a leader in the industry, we take pride in our commitment to our client’s success.

Scinor is proud to offer superior membrane system support for all of our TIPS ultrafiltration membranes. But it takes more than great technology and products to build an industry leading brand. Scinor separates itself from other UF membrane suppliers by building a personal relationship with all of our clients.

Our ultrafiltration services help our clients every step of the way. We offer guidance based on specific conditions of the water being treated, membrane flux rates, cleaning protocols, seasonal variation strategies, and solid system redundancy strategies. We have developed strong relationships with OEM/Integrators who use our membranes for the systems they oversee and supply.

Our Services

Membrane System Service Support | Ultrafiltration Services

The key to our success is our unique relationship with our clients. We insist on providing comprehensive water treatment services and support for every product we sell. With the help of our in-house experts we find the most optimal and cost-effective solution for any system.

Applications Support

Scinor has water experts on-hand to provide expertise and recommendations on new applications, retrofit opportunities, customized flux optimization and cleaning methodology.

Engineering Assistance

Scinor provides advanced engineering assistance for project design, installation, commissioning, and operation. This includes hardware designs for standard module racks, mobile models, and turnkey units.


24 hours/365 day, rain or shine, our service team is available for troubleshooting and assistance.

Customer Care

Scinor offers a monitoring program to ensure smooth system operation.

Spare parts

We keep an inventory of spare parts in-stock for quick shipment.

How can we help? Call or send us an email, we’d love to talk!