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Industrial Water Pretreatment/Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Water Pre-treatment Filtration | Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Scinor’s products meet the demands of a wide variety of end-users for both industrial water pretreatment and wastewater treatment. Our ultrafiltration membranes help meet industry standards for industrial wastewater reuse and/or discharge and provide critical protection for downstream equipment.

RO pretreatment is critical to industrial customers as is pretreatment for demineralizers and nanofiltration membranes. We’ve got that covered and more. General plant utility water, low pressure boiler makeup water and cooling tower makeup water can benefit from Scinor’s expertise.

Even if customers are looking to displace water purchased from municipalities with local water or treat municipal wastewater, Scinor offers proven solutions.

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Industrial Applications

Our wastewater treatment membranes cover a broad spectrum of industrial applications and industrial wastewater reuse.

Industrial water filtration with Scinor goes beyond general plant utility water. Refineries, mining, chemical plants, bio-fuel production and electric power facilities use our industrial wastewater treatment membranes for their specific needs. Our membranes allow for the most cost-effective treatment process, maximized service life and superior reliability.

The Scinor Advantage

Scinor’s industrial water filters utilize our state-of-the-art Thermally Induced Phase Separation (TIPS) PVDF membranes providing the highest permeability, mechanical strength, and chemical tolerance in the industry. This means lower capital and operational costs backed by a dedicated customer support and service staff. With retrofit modules available for all major membrane suppliers, Scinor has you covered. What more could you ask for?

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