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Municipal Water

Learn more about Scinor’s municipal drinking water membranes.

Scinor is a leading membrane supplier for municipal water filtration. Our drinking water membranes provide filtration for nearly all water sources. We offer direct replacement and retrofit modules for all hollow fiber membrane manufacturers.

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According to third party challenge testing by NSF, Scinor’s UF membranes achieve greater than 99.9999% removal (>6 log) of contaminants including bacteria, protozoa, giardia and cysts. Our membranes utilize our TIPS technology to provide superior service and results.

As a trusted leader in the MF/UF treatment membrane supplier industry, you can count on us. We work closely with clients for the best drinking water treatment solutions.

Pretreatment for RO and NF

Scinor membranes also provided superior protection for Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration membranes. This optimizes the filtration process for more efficient and cost effective water filtration pretreatment.

Scinor offers a full line of direct retrofit membrane modules to meet the needs of any manufacturer’s system. Call or email us to learn more.