For publication by GWI Water Desal Report in advance of the 2019 AMTA/AWWA Membrane Technology Conference

NEW YORK – Feb. 18, 2019 – PRLog — In 2018, Scinor Water America (SWA) continued to expand upon its strong success in previous years. The company booked 24 new orders and completed 15 membrane retrofit startups. MF/UF retrofits accounted for 100% of the Company’s revenues, further cementing it as the leader in low-pressure membrane retrofit technology. SWA now boasts an installed base of over 40 plants, spread across both drinking water and wastewater applications, and represents retrofits of numerous original membrane suppliers.

In particular, SWA has emerged as a leader in the wastewater reuse market in California, where it has 7 operating systems including at OCWD’s GWRS and at WBMWD’s ECLWRF where it completed a 2,500 module direct retrofit of submerged membranes and increased system capacity by 40%, operating for over 2 years. (Photo at left: Installation of Scinor TIPS PVDF Modules at GWRS Facility. Photo courtesy of OCWD.) As the selected UF vendor for the Monterey One Water AWTF project, the Company expects startup of this brand-new facility in mid-2019. The AWTF UF system is designed for a peak production capacity of 7.9 MGD and will treat municipal wastewater for further processing to ultimately generate recycled water for non-potable reuse, primarily irrigation.

SWA now accounts for approximately 20% of Scinor’s global membrane sales and has expanded its reach beyond the US with first sales into Canada and Australia, with Australia accounting for 5 new orders. SWA’s plans for 2019 include retrofits of low-pressure membranes which have been traditionally more difficult to retrofit, including “cassette” type submerged membranes and modules operating in “inside-out” mode, offering end-users an option to improve performance. In 2018 Scinor introduced their proprietary inside-out to outside-in module that accomplishes this challenging retrofit with a simple module changeout in lieu of major equipment and programming modifications.

The Company has further expanded its NSF/ANSI 419 listing to encompass a total of 18 UF models which broadens its reach for additional retrofit opportunities. The Company has also expanded its US stocking capabilities with the opening of a new facility in Chesapeake, VA, and also plans on manufacturing in North America within the next 12-18 months.

Tom Poschmann, SWA President & CEO, stated “the performance improvements experienced by Scinor’s customers continue to prove the superiority of TIPS PVDF membranes over other polymers and NIPS PVDF membranes. Our product performance is complimented by a continuous focus on customer satisfaction, aftermarket support and technical guidance that has created a very satisfied customer base, which is growing at a rapid rate. In 2018, we saw multiple repeat orders from customers who have benefited from the value that Scinor brings to the market”.

SWA will again be exhibiting at MTC and will also present on its wastewater reuse successes on Tuesday, February 26th during Session TUE10 with a presentation entitled “TIPS UF Membranes in Action: Immediate Performance Improvements and Enhanced Regulatory Compliance at 5 Wastewater Reuse Facilities in California.”


Scinor designs and manufactures high performing TIPS Ultrafiltration modules for direct retrofit applications of all major MF/UF platforms and integration in new systems for water and wastewater treatment. Along with broad engineering and service expertise, these offerings have demonstrated extraordinary end-user value. The company has a global presence with offices in New York, Beijing and Singapore and boasts an installation base of over 550 sites and a total installed capacity over 800 MGD. Of those installations, more than 160 represent retrofit projects in which over 40 original membrane suppliers have been replaced with industry-leading Scinor TIPS PVDF UF membranes, totaling over 280 MGD of treatment capacity. Since its inception in 2009, it has quickly developed into one of the world’s most innovative water treatment companies, reflected in the GWI nomination for Breakthrough Water Technology Company of the Year at the 2016 Global Water Awards. SWA is the exclusive distributor of Scinor TIPS Ultrafiltration membrane products in the Americas.

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Joe Tardio

February 21, 2019